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Expedition in "Place of Power"


Zone 2. June, 2005



I had got a contact with the power place of the second zone much earlier than I came there. It was unusual for me to feel a lively conversation and to understand that it was from

But it passed a month already, and we all couldn't get out the city. Something had prevented us. I was seeking reasons why we could get to that vivid place so long.



Why not?

It seemed me that we weren't ready for it. The power place doesn't allow the untrained to come to it.

At last, we have been driving out Alexander, Pavel, Raya and I. The car is driving at full speed along the quite fairly good motorway, but this luxury doesn't continue long. We have being driven out to the steep road in an hour. This road is full of pits and bumps, pot-hole, tussocks and all sorts of stuff. Our old car is roaring with fortitude, jumping up on the next hillock. Pavel is taxing out masterly and was traveling over the sudden appeared pits and bumps and deep pot-holes.


In spite of all the horror of the steep roads our mood is elated.

We have a feeling that we are being waited for 100 km from the city in the open steep and this feeling is wandering in the car saloon, creating the natural and light atmosphere.


But when Pavel sings " behind fogs there, the consciousness has literally taken wing in the foretaste of something interesting.



We often stop to take the air and admire the steep beauty.

Alexandr tries not to overlook any lively splash in our surrounding steep silence. The video camera in his hands is clicking gaily, turning his attention from one landscape into another.



The playful wind sometimes becomes silent, sometimes flutters our hair violently, as if it wants to warn us that it isn't a wag.


But now the bright sun beams are parting downy clouds again, making gusts warm and soft.



The air is ringing its natural clearness and the steep population with curiosity to spy on us.


The cranes are flapping socially, making steep turns over the steep. The busting gophers run constantly over the road, showing us carefully the direction. Then they dive into the thick grass to show their curious muzzle after a time.



High up in the skies the proud eagles are whirling, accompanying our movement solemnly. The steep expanse beckons by its natural beauty and immensity, opening our look gradually small secrets of the steep inhabitants.


So we have got to the place insensibly. Alexander feels that hereabout is our "place". And then we see the columns of quartz.

The place almost doesn't differ from the surrounding steep, unless the grass is somewhat thicker and richer. Although the small islands of the rich verdure are seen everywhere, Pavel explains: underground water isn't far.


But still our "place" is special. Density is felt.

And right away Alexander's words are remembered: "First of all, "Place of Power" is the places with large density of the "geofield" and the place where exists the large concentration of DSS-elements."


The pleasant warmth is spreading somewhere in the depth of the soul. We want simple to lengthen on the grass and to feel pleasure. I have done it.


Pressing oneself to the earth, I'm trying to absorb its warmth and to be imbued with its being.

A wonderful ease!


A smooth flow of thought and questions, questions

Where are they from?



Why do the heroes lie on the earth in all the ancient myths to enrich their force?

And in fact not anywhere, so they found place far from the settlement. Was there a place of power ?

And saints? They left deep into the Nature to purify from people's emanation and to muster their strength. And probably, they knew such places where the geofield of the earth was, how we are speaking about, are the richest and concentrated with the delicate elements.


The thought is flowing and I simply hear and I am inspired with its quality:


If you feel weighting you go in the nature. Give the Mother Nature this burden, tightened from the city sphere. The mind of people is not still perfect, so it the filling energies ought to throw down to ground.

The body belongs to the earth and its force feeds it. Give everything back what it has to dip into the soul's world and to hover in the expanse of the universe. As its worlds are dynamical as the brain and thought can't be in the hovering.


Later it will be an explanation that I have been in one of the powerful points of "Place of Power .


But now I'm enjoyed every cell of my body, absorbing the running streams. My soul is resting...


Raya has found her "place" and has followed my example.


In this time Pavel has made inconceivable figures. It seems that the eagle soul has roused him and imitating this bird he tries to fly up.


San Sanych performs well his camera mission, trying to record not only the surrounding steep but it seems our secret feelings. And it looks as if he could have something done it.


Having flown in the marvelous streams, all of us start working.

We need put our balls, sticks, stones on the active and intensive points and disappear quickly. Otherwise, we could go mad.




Alexander pulls the special cases out of the rucksack, where the things of "the Place of Power" are. Then Pavel and he has felt deeply looking for more concentrated patches and puts the things industriously with the letter "L" in one zone and with the letter "R in the other one, just aside.

I have looked after all the "magic" with curiosity. How it is simple to put the things on the earth and they will have been saturated with DSS- elements in 3 hours.

It is not marvelous for me that 'the magicians' themselves are like generators of energy.

I have remembered how many times we had been oversaturated with the delicate energies and how it was painful.


But some stubbornness, I don't know where it appears, incites us again to new experiments and again, not proportioned our possibilities; get in the neck, as I can describe.




But such places in the city are full .Yes, near my home; many places are in the center

Why don't people pay attention for them or are they not as active as in the steep?

Right now, the memory suggests helpfully, how many "tragic cases" happen in the roads, in the parks and anywhere and why?



Is it possible that the people themselves realize their vile ideas in such active zones?


It seems to be a truth as it is said "magical philter" is the concentrated DSS-elements. What you think of, and then you'll get it.





At last moment the men have brought the quartz stones and have built a lighthouse.


Now we are sure not to get lose.

Further we have to ride to the local spring, which is situated at a distance of 2 km. from our "Place of Power".





On the hilly horizon it is a visible beacon. Somewhere it was a spring.


In the way to the spring, Raya has noticed another place of power. Much white quartz is scattered on the quite large lot of the earth. Small and not very large entire boulders have covered with a snowy carpet on the surface of the earth.

It is possible to feel that the geofield tension is of other quality here.

As then Alexander says: "Each place has its own concentration and naturally its own quality".


We resound conformable to us.



The stones play the pearl luster in the sun beams and we are staying in the middle of the beauty as spellbounds.

But it has not been long. Alexander and Raya are keen on the searches of active zone and Pavel is trying to find the whole quartz crystals.



In short, the "the feeling" of a new lot of power has begun. But, at last, we go further, satisfied our curiosity in full measure


Oh, so these explorers can't go by even the beacon.

All the time they probe something with their curious nose and overlook their daring look. They want to know everything.








But the steep is really full of secrets and mysteries. Of course, it is possible to go by and not to notice, but it is possible to get much interesting information.

Even the steep honey flower may share with its unusual aroma if we touch it carefully and gently.




But here is a spring!

The thin brook streams quietly amongst the deep grass. The water is pure and cool.

May I bathe?

Yeah, the water is fine. It washes my hands, calms my look, runs further and gives its water to everybody.






It is interesting that the thought is working funnily brilliantly here by the spring in the distance of 5 km. from our place of power. Pacification and silence is in the soul.


Probably, it is also a place of power. In the result of it I have resonance in that way.


My consciousness has become soaked; it absorbs the running information in itself as sponge indeed.


Loud cries are interrupting my thoughts. Alexander has discovered the eagle nest. We come gingerly as close as possible

Two downy nubbins are looking fondly at the uninvited newcomers.



And the eagle is whirling uneasily in the height, looking after its young. There is a "dinner" in the form of gopher on the dry branches.


I have never thought that the simple touch with the nature, with its lively force, can help to see something new in the usual things, to look from the other standpoint, in the another foreshortened.


The life continues in everything. The same gopher will continue in the baby birds of the eagle and will fly over the steep expense. If there are limits in the physical world they will not be in the delicate world. Everything is penetrated and pervious.


It only remains to understand where you are and what you are. Such little one opens the infinity. Everything continues in everything. We continue in each other and in everything we touch with.




Only our limited senses are possible to invent the conventionalities. Indeed, all surrounding world from the most primitive to the highest manifestation lives quietly without the condionalities.


The terrestrial world has only conditionalities. Why do we condition the senses of people? For growing up a flock of slaves? Whom does it need?


Here are two cranes which are pacing evenly in the thick grass.

And their young one is mincing after them. It is yellow and downy, it remembers a kolobok.



Having seen the approximate people, the baby is standing motionless among the yellowish vegetation, but its parents industriously manipulating try to distract our attention.

May the consciousness of people do so?

The little one hides before the unknown and more experienced search the variants and possibilities.

Which methods and manners does the little consciousness find to hide from the flow of new information?


This place in the steep is wonderful. It opens the unusual in the usual things. Even we don't want to think of the city and especially return.




In the radiance of the evening sunset the bird whistling and modulation are being heard.

But we get know from Pavel that it is not a bird, it is a mouse, which gives signals to its brothers.

But they are like the warnings about the near coming of dark. It has become dark fast in the steep.

We don't have time to glance back how the gloom hides the weak road rut.


And thought is flowing.

It is comfortable when it is light in the soul then the soul is glad. When she is covered with the troubles it is sorely. So it is said give me back the troubles and go with ease. Don't cover with the cares and small problems. See further and widely, and then the little one dissolves in the great. There is nothing that the soul can achieve, there is nothing what can enslave the soul and don't wish it, people! Thus it should grow up the sense, discovering all the doors for yourselves and don't cover with the cares filling.

What is growing up a sense?


If you feel great and forceful it means that your sense is great and forceful. The beggar is always the beggar. The rich grows more rich

You have been cleaned in the "Place of Power". Now it is easy to breathe and to hear easily.



Alexander is collecting the charged sticks and balls in the special cases and we are coming back.




How many people can touch this lively place through the charged balls and sticks, having felt the lively source and having understood themselves better now!


See you later, Place of Life.

The reportage was prepared by Veronica Kazantseva


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